Our Experience Sets Us Apart

As a highly organized, responsible, and a knowledgeable accountant serving you 25 years, I am a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer who is detail oriented to ensure every deduction and credit is accounted for when preparing your Federal and State tax returns. Jeanette worked 20+ years in the Accounting Department of a well-known credit union.

Jeanette has an Associate in Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting with distinction. She also has an Associates in Arts Degree in Administration and Information Systems with distinction. Jeanette is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in taxation.

"I started this mobile tax preparation service because I had several customers ask if I could come to their home," said Jeanette. Today, Franklin Tax Service 1 is a thriving mobile tax service for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

We will come to you, pick up all your documents, prepare your Federal and State tax return, and bring your prepared return back to you for signing. Our next step will be to e file your return and once we receive notification from Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board of your returns acceptance, we will provide you with the submission ID number provided by both agencies.


A mobile tax preparer must meet the same requirements as the traditional in office tax preparer

  1. Pass background check by the Department of Justice.
  2. Pass the examination required to prepare taxes for Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board.
  3. One must be bonded in order to prepare taxes for a fee.

In addition, your tax return will be signed by a professional at Franklin Tax Service 1.

Advantage of using a Mobile Tax Preparer vs a Traditional Tax Preparer:

  1. We will pick up your documents.
  2. We will come to you
  3. We will accommodate your busy schedule.
  4. We will make special arrangements to meet you early in the morning or come late in the evening.


To provide you with the ultimate professionalism in preparing your tax return.

Tax returns will be prepared with the guidance of the Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board laws.

If you are an individual, a family, an independent contractor, or even a small business, we prepare your tax return with detailed accuracy to maximize your retrun.